The Iron Bridge

The Iron Bridge

David Morse
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The Iron Bridge
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About The Novel

The Iron Bridge, by David Morse about a woman who tries to change the world.

Maggie Foster attempts to deflect the Industrial Revolution from its destructive path by sabotaging the world's first iron bridge.

The bridge, to be built in 1779, is the collaboration of two rival ironmasters - one a Quaker, the other an armsmaker. Both men become infatuated with Maggie, as she struggles to escape the confines of gender and class so she can tweak the design of the bridge for failure.

Maggie's mission is born of desperation. She comes from a future devastated by war and runaway industrialism. But the heart of this novel is in the past: Most of the action takes place in England's Severn Gorge - a world of brutal working conditions, cockfights and bull-baitings, intrigues, forbidden love, and unexpected revelations. The more she becomes caught up in this world, the more complexly Maggie is forced to view her mission.

Under its sensual surface and vivid characters, both fictional and historical, and occasional laugh-out-loud humor, The Iron Bridge portrays the powerful collisions of ideas and forces that continue to direct our lives.

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